R.I.P. | Houston’s own Brasilia Martinez

Codac July 4, 2014 1

Fitness model – Eye Candy model – Published model – MOMx2


FB: Brasilia Martinez

Just a simple showcase of all this beautiful models work over the last year of 2014 (S/O to each of the great photographers that were able to capture such beauty for the world to forever appreciate)

“And since we all came from a WOMEN, got OUR name from a WOMEN and OUR game from a WOMEN….

I wonder why we take from OUR WOMEN, why we rape OUR WOMEN, Do we hate OUR WOMEN….

I think its time we Kill for OUR WOMEN…. Time to Heal OUR WOMEN…. Be Real to OUR WOMEN!!!!

Will the real men stand up, I know you feed up ladies….But keep your heap up!”

Tupac “Keep ya head up”



And after all this is said and done the ones that must live with this lost forever:

From the heart of a man who lost a mother before the age of 8, my over dried tears goes out to them and pray that they are given the strength to bare the scares inflected due to one mans rage.  We know there is always two sides to a story, but to all the men who may feel the need to result to violence and to the women that absorb that abuse….we say this:  ” If the story you find your self writing or living could have an end result of two young boys never being able to look into their mothers eyes and see they were loved without words….please put the pen down, close the book and find the nearest exit out that book store!  That/this one chapter is not worth a life.”

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  1. Glenda lewis August 31, 2018 at 8:57 pm - Reply

    they too much people evil in this world but God see that hey may cause his own kids to be with out mother but from heaven she still around them. no matter what he did he will face consequence with God .

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