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Codac August 5, 2016 1


Open Roles:

Vivian Davis (Ex-Girlfriend) OPEN

***Woman*** (Baby Mama) OPEN

***Woman*** Secretary-OPEN

***Woman**** Lori (Fiancée)- OPEN

***Woman*** Tyrone (Traci Friend) OPEN

***Man*** Eddie (Traci Friend) OPEN***

Man*** Slick (Traci Friend) OPEN

***Man*** Child Support Officer # 3 OPEN

***Man/Woman*** Child Support Officer # 4 OPEN

***Man/Woman*** Child Support Officer # 5 OPEN

***Man/Woman*** (Extras)

Bartender (Male)

Club bouncer (Male)


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  1. Tooly Two August 17, 2016 at 7:38 am - Reply

    i wanna audition for the role of tracies friend, whoever that is.Ima need further details aBout the role though, just email me if interested. thanks!!

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