Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode One Review

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Burial at Sea promises to take us back to Rapture to uncover the secrets of an alternate Booker and Elizabeth.  Infinite’s Rapture is a serene, peaceful place, with only the hint of unrest in the air.  You will be met with the same stunning Rapture visuals seen in the first and second iterations of the series, but in all it’s fully functional, splicer free, glory.  Longtime fans like myself will feel as though this is a tiny hint of the true sequel we have been waiting for.  If you saw our Initial Bioshock Infinite review then you already know we loved Infinite and it’s majestic sweeping vistas but at this point I have to say I’m really enjoying the change of scenery this fresh take on rapture is providing.

Foreboding doors abound and the big daddies are back

Foreboding doors abound and the big daddies are back

This quick take on rapture (about an hour and 45 minutes if you’re in a big hurry) rushes through much of the initial character development, because, frankly we’ve been there and done that.  Before you know it you’re face to face with some old spliced out friends.

The blend of powerful weaponry, new gear items as well as new and familiar plasmids alike make for an excellent, if different Bioshock experience.  Overall Burial at Sea Episode One proves to be a very fun, if slightly shorter Rapture experience than I had hoped for, however an extremely satisfying one nonetheless which has left me eagerly anticipating episode two.

Available Now for PC Xbox and PS3: $14.99

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    was way too short. just when it started to get good “to be continued”

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