Aw snap, Crystal Pepsi is back!

@ECMAG_Dave August 21, 2016 1

It’s back, baby!

The failed experiment of soda science has reared it’s head once more in 2016 and sitting here at my desk sipping on one, I can kinda see why they discontinued the original run.  But on the other hand it’s strangely good, in an odd kinda way, not quite 100% spot on as to the flavor of normal Pepsi, but still reminiscent of the signature kick in a way, maybe it’s the color, of lack thereof that is throwing me off but I think this 90’s trend should stayed in the 90’s personally.  However that didn’t stop me from picking up a couple for the sake of nostalgia alone.

Checking out social media it’s looking like they might be a little hard to come by so if you’re out hunting, beating the streets of H-town in search of that clear cola fix right now  I’ll let ya know that I found mine at the Shell gas station at the corner of Gessner and Little York rd on the nw side.


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  1. Mike March 17, 2017 at 7:47 pm - Reply

    I’ll stick to the original pepsi. This one is not my flava. To each his own.

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