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“To stay close to nature is a part of our instinctual being. When it comes to creating, I can’t help but to turn to natural materials first.” -FOUNDER, LORENZO BUFFA

Wood might not be the first material that comes to mind when you’re thinking about a stylish watch to adorn your wrist and perfectly complement your choice of bespoke attire, at least it wasn’t for me till I laid eyes on the choice offerings Analog Watch Co. has dropped. They are calling them, fittingly enough “The Carpenter Collection” which is even more appropriate given the level of craftsmanship that these timepieces absolutely exude.  From the lovingly polished bezel to the subtle grain of the handcrafted  leather available on some models or the visual texture of the Teak or Macore variety  it’s extremely clear that genuine passion was put into the creation of these timepieces, each one unique, one of a kind, a individual work of art worn on the wrist.


“Wooden watches already exist – but they copy metal and alloy designs. We want to redefine how wood can be used.” – FOUNDER, LORENZO BUFFA

These pieces are also eco friendly as well, with the company putting a large focus on sustainable production methods and making a commitment to utilize recycled materials.  Wood isn’t the only material Analog is using to innovate, though it is the focus of this piece I’ve also laid eyes upon their “Mason Collection” as they have dubbed it and was absolutely blown away by the bold, naturally inspired lines and clean minimal styling.  Although the stone watches may not be my speed they should still be appreciated for their sheer artistic value alone and I think they that line might be appreciated by many of our readers as well.

Now we get to the important part, how badly will one of these swiss clockwork machines set you back?  Not as much as you would expect.  “The Carpenter Collection” retails for a stunningly wallet friendly msrp of: $149 and “the Mason Collection” going for a very reasonable: $299 msrp.  At first glance I was not expecting a budget friendly watch and I must say I was pleasantly surprised as the presentation and quality of the timepieces themselves seem to demand a much higher pricetag.  So in summary, don’t hesitate to pick one up from: if you are trying to add some fresh flair to your look and help save the planet at the same time.


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